Fal­con’s new winch-as­sist leas­ing plan

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A NEW LEAS­ING PLAN HAS BEEN LAUNCHED BY EQUIP­MENT Lease So­lu­tions in con­junc­tion with DC Equip­ment to help con­trac­tors who want to get into one of its Fal­con Forestry Equip­ment (FFE) win­chas­sist sys­tems but may not have ac­cess to fi­nance.

The new busi­ness, called ‘Equip­ment Lease So­lu­tions’, pro­vides a flex­i­ble number of op­tions that as­sist all con­trac­tors large or small, in corporate forests or wood­lots to over­come any fi­nan­cial bar­ri­ers that may ex­ist.

At the same time, DC Equip­ment has taken the op­por­tu­nity to fur­ther cus­tomise its FFE winch-as­sist ma­chines, with the first of the new look mod­els be­ing of­fered to lease cus­tomers.

Frankie David­son, of DC Equip­ment, says the op­por­tu­ni­ties to mech­a­nise steep slope har­vest­ing op­er­a­tions for safety rea­sons has seen a huge in­crease in de­mand for the FFE winch-as­sist sys­tems.

But not ev­ery­one is well placed fi­nan­cially to be able to pur­chase a ma­chine out­right, whilst oth­ers may only have a short-term re­quire­ment for a ma­chine cut­ting wood­lots or par­tic­u­lar set­tings.

“Our re­search shows that one of the main bar­ri­ers for peo­ple who want, or need, to get into winch-as­sist har­vest­ing is the high cap­i­tal cost,” says Mr David­son.

“We have found that log­ging con­trac­tors in gen­eral have come to the conclusion that the ex­tra cap­i­tal in­vest­ment in a new base verses a sec­ond-hand base has fi­nan­cial ben­e­fits through R&M and down­time re­duc­tions over the life of the ma­chine and that’s where the lease op­tions pro­vide real value.”

Mr David­son says the op­tions de­vel­oped un­der Equip­ment Lease So­lu­tions en­able con­trac­tors to get into a new Fal­con winch-as­sist ma­chine with rel­a­tive ease. Op­tions in­clude lease-to-pur­chase, longterm leas­ing, short-term leas­ing and also fi­nan­cial so­lu­tions for out­right pur­chasers.

“Some con­trac­tors are just not in a po­si­tion to be able to put down a de­posit and then get their bank to put up the rest of the fi­nance, so we have tai­lored plans where they pay a daily rate and at the end of the agreed pe­riod (min­i­mum four months) they gen­er­ate eq­uity to be used as a de­posit for the pur­chase of the ma­chine – it’s sim­ple but it works,” he says.

“Oth­ers may just want to lease, ei­ther for a short term if they are do­ing wood­lots for ex­am­ple, which would work very well for small crews. Leas­ing long-term might suit a large crew that doesn’t want to have too many ma­chines on its books.”

Mr David­son says con­trac­tors who are buy­ing a winch-as­sist sys­tem can also lease one to start work al­most im­me­di­ately whilst their new ma­chine is be­ing built, ef­fec­tively ‘bridg­ing’ the con­trac­tor where us­ing this type of tech­nol­ogy may be a re­quire­ment to sat­isfy a con­tract.

The first Fal­con winch-as­sist ma­chine built un­der the new Equip­ment Lease So­lu­tions has just been de­liv­ered to A&R Log­ging in Gis­borne through a lease-to-pur­chase agree­ment and it’s also the first to sport the new look.

The Hitachi ZX280LC on which it is based, was stripped right back down to the tracks and re-con­structed so that it now has a com­plete fac­tory-built ap­pear­ance and feel about the ma­chine, with the winch drum hid­den be­hind the guard­ing and new body­work.

“We’re re­ally ex­cited by how the new winch-as­sist ma­chine has turned out – it looks like an orig­i­nal equip­ment ma­chine out of a fac­tory, help­ing Equip­ment Lease So­lu­tions boost its busi­ness, which has now reached its ninth ma­chine trans­ac­tion,” says Mr David­son.

Whilst the first few lease ma­chines are built on the ZX280LC base, Mr David­son points out that cus­tomers can se­lect an­other base if they wish and they are al­ready look­ing at build­ing one onto a Su­mit­omo for a prospec­tive North Is­land cus­tomer.

DC Equip­ment cur­rently has its 50th winch-as­sist ma­chine on the pro­duc­tion line to meet de­mand from both New Zealand and over­seas cus­tomers, and has or­ders for many more in the pipe­line.

Equip­ment Lease So­lu­tions is also now tai­lor­ing ma­chine lease pack­ages be­yond winch-as­sist ma­chines, for ex­am­ple tracked ex­ca­va­tors and fall­ing ma­chines. For fur­ther in­for­ma­tion see www. dce­quip­ment.co.nz.


The first new Fal­con winch-as­sist ma­chine built un­der the new lease pro­gramme by DC Equip­ment is now work­ing near Gis­borne.

A close up of the new body­work on the lat­est Fal­con winch-as­sist ma­chine to go into the for­est.

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