Lasers de­tect knots in green mill

New Zealand Logger - - Woodtech 2017 -

A CANA­DIAN COM­PANY HAS DE­VEL­OPED A new type of wood scan­ner that uses lasers to de­tect knots in the green mill so that saw­ing de­ci­sions can be made that will de­liver more valu­able prod­ucts when the lum­ber en­ters the dry mill to be turned into the fi­nal prod­uct.

The laser scan­ner de­vel­oped by Au­tolog in the Cana­dian prov­ince of Que­bec fol­lows years of re­search into the prop­er­ties of knots and how to de­tect them.

Syl­vain Mag­nan, Pres­i­dent of Au­tolog, told the Wood TECH 2017 con­fer­ence in Ro­torua last month that the sys­tem de­vel­oped by his com­pany uses lasers to de­tect Tracheids in the wood. These are nar­row cells that look like tubes or cav­i­ties in the wood, which are used to trans­port wa­ter and min­eral salt through the tree.

The new tech­nol­ogy, known as the Trans­verse Tracheid Sys­tem, con­sists of pro­ject­ing a laser dot on the sur­face of a rough-sawn board and then fol­low­ing the shape of the dots along the Tracheids and analysing the fi­bre ori­en­ta­tion to show the pres­ence of knots. This sys­tem pro­duces very high­qual­ity im­ages of the knots without the need to use a con­ven­tional vi­sion scan­ning sys­tem.

Mr Mag­nan says the TTS has a very high de­tec­tion rate, with very low ‘false’ knot de­tec­tion, and he be­lieves it will pro­vide quick pay­back for saw mills.

The new TTS laser scan­ning sys­tem has been in­tro­duced at a very com­pet­i­tive price and is easy to in­stall on a saw line us­ing the Au­tolog mod­u­lar scan­ner frame. NZL

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