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The 2013 NZ Surf Mag Surf­board De­sign Is­sue- Ded­i­cated to the mem­ory of Al­lan Byrne and Craig Hughes, two gen­tle­men that ded­i­cated count­less hours to the bet­ter­ment of NZ Surf­ing (and many more dust cov­ered in the shap­ing bay) so that we could ride a wave bet­ter. To­gether, in com­pletely dif­fer­ent ways, you both lifted the sport of surf­ing in New Zealand and in­ter­na­tion­ally to where it is to­day and paved the way for what it will be­come in the fu­ture. May you rest in peace!

There is one tool and one tool only that makes surf­ing pos­si­ble. So of­ten in surf­ing we cel­e­brate in­ven­tions and sing praise of the advent of new ad­di­tions to our game; warmer wet­suits get awards, in­ter­net surf fore­cast­ing gets plenty of thumbs up when a new swell gets up­graded and new brews of wax all stick­ier than the last be­come favourites. Yet the link be­tween our de­sire and those waves which you see at your lo­cal, is the surf­board, more of­ten than not those guys that have spent mil­lions of hours toil­ing away in a dusty bay craft­ing th­ese cre­ations so that we can ride a wave bet­ter, be­come for­got­ten and the praise they de­serve muf­fled. So we ded­i­cate this is­sue, not only to two of our great shaper broth­ers that have re­cently moved on to a car­pet lined, air con­di­tioned shap­ing bay in the sky, but to all our shapers that have ded­i­cated their lives, un­selfishly to bet­ter­ing oth­ers surf­ing. Here in NZ we se­ri­ously don't know how lucky we have it as surfers. Ki­wis have al­ways been re­garded as be­ing fine crafts­men and in­no­va­tors, it is in our blood, our ge­netic makeup. Look at other in­dus­tries, such as boat build­ing where Ki­wis lead the world, and the world comes to us. Yet in surf­ing many here pre­sume the best boards come out of in­ter­na­tional fac­to­ries racks and feel Kiwi board builders aren’t up to speed. Sure those over­seas la­bels have the best surfers rid­ing and pro­mot­ing their brands which cre­ates a fol­low­ing, but if you want to get down to the de­tails you might want to con­sider that many of those over­seas fac­to­ries have glassers, san­ders and some­times even shapers all Kiwi, tun­ing that prod­uct, and why? Be­cause Kiwi crafts­men care! You don't of­ten hear "She'll be right" com­ing from the mouth of a Kiwi crafts­man, only "It aint leav­ing till it's right!" and that at­ti­tude has cre­ated a de­mand for their ser­vices in the board build­ing in­dus­try across the world. Sure times have changed slightly with man­u­fac­tur­ing and com­puter shapes and mass pro­duced moulded boards have en­tered the mar­ket, and as surf­ing grows there is a place for th­ese. How­ever, there is also the place where th­ese came from, the de­vel­op­ments that brought us to this point and for those bil­lions of hours of sweat­ing it out cov­ered in foam dust that our shapers all en­dured col­lec­tively, hand shap­ing, to come up with the for­mu­las we now base an in­dus­try off. We sa­lute and thank you for form­ing the link be­tween what we dream of rid­ing and where we dream of go­ing on th­ese waves we catch! Hats off and plenty of thumbs up..(likes) Yours in surf­ing, Cory Scott and the team at NZ Surf­ing

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