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You know that mo­ment when a stone or a bee flicks to­wards your eye and you blink or turn your head be­fore you have even seen it to save your eye even be­fore you have seen the ‘men­ace’. It’s called Men­ace re­sponse or a vis­ual pro­tec­tive re­flex. This same re­flex is what a lowly surf pho­tog­ra­pher de­vel­ops over years of star­ing out to sea through a small dark square of light. Then in a mo­ment of un­vi­su­alised stim­u­lus there is a re­flex that causes a trig­ger re­ac­tion al­low­ing the pho­tog­ra­phers fin­ger to plunge on the trig­ger and con­nect the elec­tri­cal path­ways in­side the cam­era and those synapse in your body to com­bine and pre­serve that im­age of epic surf we all drool over. This mo­ment takes a mil­lisec­ond, yet once ‘snapped’ it can be pre­served for­ever.

PPhoto: Cory

SeSean Peggs grinds a liq­uid cop­ing.

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