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Seven­th­wave Wet­suits are made to fit, made to per­form, made to last and made in New Zealand from the world’s most tech­ni­cally ad­vanced neo­prene — Ja­panese Ya­mamoto neo­prene — a lime­stone based neo­prene of very high qual­ity. Com­pared to tra­di­tional petro-chemical neo­prene used by most other man­u­fac­tur­ers, lime­stone neo­prene has a closed-cell con­tent of over 94%. What this means, in sim­ple terms, is that lime­stone neo­prene has a lot more air bub­bles in­side the rub­ber than other brands (over 30% to be ex­act), and is less dense than oil­based neo­prene. These ther­mal and wa­ter re­pel­lent prop­er­ties make our wet­suits ex­cep­tion­ally warm, light­weight and very quick dry­ing.

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