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We're re­serv­ing this spot for those lo­cal guys and girls that adorn surf spots the length of Aotearoa, liv­ing for the pu­rity and stoke of each and ev­ery surf at their lo­cal. They don't chase the lime­light, nor re­ally care what is go­ing on amongst the world surf­ing scene. They're just surf­ing for the love of it, when­ever they can. This is­sue we're in­tro­duc­ing Josh Cur­tis

Nick­names? Joshie, JC, Silknuts (don't ask haha) Mar­ried/Fam­ily at all? Sin­gle. Can barely look after my­self let alone some­one else! Where do you live? City slicker liv­ing in Grey Lynn, Auck­land. When and how did you first

get in to surf­ing? I grew up in the Mount (Mount Maun­ganui), and my older brother Jase got me into it when I was about 10. Be­ing 5 years younger than him, I kinda just did what he did and it went from there. Re­al­is­ti­cally spent the first two of years get­ting pounded in the shore break and want­ing to go home but even­tu­ally got the bug! Travel? I’ve been lucky to travel a lot with my fam­ily over the years. We spent a bunch of time in Hawaii over the NZ win­ter and can some­what call it a home away from home. I’ve also spent some time in Europe, Aussie and Bali which is al­ways a good time! Favourite place to surf? Warm trop­i­cal places are al­ways a bonus, but we get some re­ally good waves here in NZ. I love surf­ing Raglan be­ing fore­hand, but the crowd gets to me. Matakana Is­land has to be up there too - The mis­sion over there on the boat and get­ting lit­tle beach break bar­rels leaves you with a smile for a few days that's for sure! Your per­fect surf ses­sion? I’m not re­ally a charger, so prob­a­bly 3-4ft fun punchy beach break, warm enough for board­ies with only 5-6 mates out. Some­thing fun and play­ful where you can try things, high-5 your mates on the way past and just have fun! Your stance on lo­cal­ism? I get it, but I also think some guys take it way too far. Ev­ery­one's a lo­cal some­where, ev­ery­one's a visi­tor some­where, just don't be a douche bag in the line-up, wait your turn and ev­ery­one should be happy. Any bain's at your lo­cal? The 40 min drive out there. Crowds. Rips. Hot black sand in sum­mer and feel­ing like you’re go­ing to end up on Piha Rescue most ses­sions. Other in­ter­ests? I try and keep busy with a mix of things. I re­cently got a mo­tor­bike to keep my san­ity through the Auck­land traf­fic and it's be­com­ing a fun side project. I also grew up wake­board­ing and snow­board­ing which go hand in hand and keep you busy through the dif­fer­ent sea­sons. It's cool to mix it up and keep things in­ter­est­ing!

Oc­cu­pa­tion? Mon­day to Fri­day I work as an Ar­chi­tect for a com­pany in Par­nell. I work mainly on com­mer­cial projects - of­fices, re­tail, mixed use projects and things like that. It's cool to see the city grow and know that I'm con­tribut­ing some­thing pos­i­tive to it! Life high­light? That's a big ques­tion! Be­ing 25 and sin­gle I think the big­gest thing I have done so far is ex­changed a fairly large stu­dent loan for a piece of pa­per haha. Fave beer? I'm no ex­pert on beer, but as long as it's cold and not Guin­ness, I'm more than happy! Rugby or league? WSL! Shout outs! NZ Surf Mag for get­ting this lit­tle piece go­ing! Gaz for get­ting the photo, and all the other week­end warriors out there do­ing it for the love of it!

After a 40-minute drive and bat­tling the Auck­land surf pop­u­la­tion for a wave, Josh un­leashes his power turn on a Piha Bar sec­tion. Photo: Ph­lex Pho­tog­ra­phy

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