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In our pas­times as surfers we of­ten have our minds blown or get to wit­ness some­thing truly unique while out there in our el­e­ment we love to par­take in.

It could be a flaw­less or mu­tated wave that grabs our at­ten­tion or a brush with wildlife that we share the oceans with, but more of­ten than not it is those that we share the line­ups with most, other surfers, that we get to wit­ness ei­ther truly re­mark­able feats or some­times truly stupid mo­ments that make you ques­tion your­self as you pad­dle back out, how did they do that? Or how the hell did they sur­vive that? Over the years surf me­dia has pub­lished bil­lions of cap­tured mo­ments such as these, and quite of­ten we hear from the surfer in ques­tion or an opin­ion piece from the writer, so we thought in these mo­ments that we’d get the first hand thought and ex­pe­ri­ence from those clos­est to this mo­ment and find out “What were they think­ing?”. We kick it off with young Gis­borne Gromette Saffi Vette and her up close and per­sonal view of one of her he­roes Ri­cardo Christie.

“Go­ing surf­ing with Ric is such a gr eat op­por­tu­nity. It isn’t just surf­ing with him, hang­ing out, ha ving fun and gain­ing knowl­edge from his past ex­pe­ri­ences com­pet­ing on tour and at­tend­ing other elite com­pe­ti­tions. Ric is such a nic e guy and it’s not every­day some­one like him al­lows a ‘kid’ like me to call him up to go surf­ing and spend time in the water with some­one of his ca­pa­bil­i­ties. Me and my brother have been surf­ing a bit with him lat ely since he’s been back and watch­ing him nail down a reper­toire of ma­noeu­vres like it’s noth­ing makes you strive to push your surf­ing to higher lev­els. It’s cool to see him hav­ing fun when your trading off good waves and hav­ing a bit of banter. My froth lev­els increase when I get a front row seat to world class surf­ing!!!”

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