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Sep 24 – Oct 23 Fi­nances are your fo­cus this week. On Mon­day your wal­let may be empty but don’t stress, this is a pros­per­ous week. Con­sider sell­ing some items to get some ex­tra cash – you will re­ceive top dol­lar. How­ever you choose to make a few ex­tra bucks, it will work out very well in­deed. Bank ac­count full!


Oct 24 – Nov 22 Get­ting some­one’s at­ten­tion will need a lit­tle more work than usual. You want them to know you bet­ter, so you need to show your­self in the best light and take every op­por­tu­nity to be where they are. Start a con­ver­sa­tion or make a date. Don’t be shy – they will love you.


Nov 23 – Dec 22 There is a great deal of slap­stick fun around you, which the chil­dren will love and it will be good for your soul. Or­gan­is­ing a birth­day party for your chil­dren – or borrowing a friend’s child and putting on a party – will bring hap­pi­ness to all and will help you find your in­ner child.


Dec 23 – Jan 20 Some­one will be un­pre­dictable, lead­ing to some stress in your life. What­ever plans you have made, this per­son will do some­thing that changes them but you won’t let it faze you. That is the key – you are the one who is amaz­ing at sort­ing this kind of thing out. You deal with peo­ple bril­liantly.


Jan 21 – Feb 19 You’re used to mak­ing snap de­ci­sions but some peo­ple will warn you to be care­ful. Don’t lis­ten to them. You have a nat­u­ral in­stinct for do­ing the right thing. Make those de­ci­sions and be con­fi­dent – ev­ery­thing al­ways works out. There’s no point in be­ing care­ful now; it’s not in your DNA!


Feb 20 – Mar 20 It is a week with a ma­jor fem­i­nine in­flu­ence. You will come across strong women and each of them will have a mes­sage for you. It is im­por­tant that you lis­ten and be in­spired. Those with fe­male bosses will find a special kind of ca­ma­raderie. There could be a pro­mo­tion or a bonus of some kind.


Mar 21 – Apr 20 It’s com­mu­ni­ca­tion week. You will be pas­sion­ate about some­thing and you need to make sure ev­ery­one has a copy of the sched­ule. Don’t as­sume they all un­der­stand what you want – write it down, text it, email it or Face­book it. De­liver the mes­sage not just once, but twice!


Apr 21 – May 21 A cre­ative ge­nius is hid­ing in­side you. You will need to find a so­lu­tion to a fam­ily prob­lem and you will find the per­fect way of deal­ing with it. In fact, there is a great deal of joy and plea­sure com­ing to­gether to get the job done. And who­ever you are do­ing it for will be de­lighted.


May 22 – Jun 21 A friend is get­ting a lit­tle flir­ta­tious. You may feel per­plexed and not sure how to re­spond. Maybe that is be­cause you like them back and would love to move from the friend zone? Flirt back and see what hap­pens. You have both wanted some­thing a lit­tle more but haven’t ac­knowl­edged it.


Jun 22 – Jul 23 Some­one at work has been put in charge of a project that you were in­ter­ested in, but don’t worry too much, you will get a chance to be in­volved. Do your best, give it your all and next time the project will be yours for the tak­ing. It is im­por­tant to put your­self out there and advertise your skills a lit­tle more.


Jul 24 – Aug 23 Ev­ery­one knows you are re­li­able so they take for granted that you will save the day. Not this week! You won’t have the time as you are off on an adventure of your own. Don’t al­low peo­ple to make you feel guilty be­cause you are not avail­able to help. Your plans are just as im­por­tant, if not more so.

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