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This is when you may start to worry about mem­ory loss and men­tal func­tion­ing. True, the speed at which your brain pro­cesses in­for­ma­tion does slow down as you age and it’s com­mon to for­get where you left your keys. But if you find your­self get­ting fre­quently con­fused – for ex­am­ple, not recog­nis­ing where you are, even though you are in a place you know well – then you might want to talk to your GP. If you have the early signs of de­men­tia, there is med­i­ca­tion that can help to keep the symp­toms at bay. Take steps to stay as men­tally sharp as pos­si­ble, for ex­am­ple do puz­zles and learn new things (like a lan­guage).

You may have no­ticed changes in your vi­sion. Visit your op­tometrist reg­u­larly and make sure you are tested for glau­coma, cataracts and mac­u­lar de­gen­er­a­tion, which can lead to blind­ness. Dry eyes can be a prob­lem – to avoid this, drink plenty of flu­ids and cut down on your TV watch­ing and com­puter screen time.

If you have dif­fi­culty hear­ing peo­ple on the phone or when there is a lot of back­ground noise, it may be time for a hear­ing test. There are lots of amaz­ing hear­ing aids avail­able these days.

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