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1. Work cul­ture starts with you. Set the tone right with your own be­hav­iours first, and then ex­pect that from your grow­ing team. Grow­ing a team that ‘has your back’ makes busi­ness much eas­ier. 2. Don’t buy into the “busi­ness life is hard” cul­ture. Yes, it’s com­pletely stress­ful at times, but you get to dic­tate how your busi­ness op­er­ates. Over­work­ing and high-ve­loc­ity stress is not a long term busi­ness growth strat­egy. 3. Keep a re­ally care­ful eye on the num­bers. They mat­ter. Any­thing un­der 25 per­cent gross profit is what I con­sider a hobby. Put a value on your time right from the start and fac­tor that time into your costs. Oth­er­wise you’ll never be able to pay some­one else to do what you do (and grow). 4. In­vest in ad­min­is­tra­tors, out­source what you don’t ex­cel in and learn to let go of tasks and re­spon­si­bil­i­ties so you are free to lead and strate­gise – oth­er­wise you’ll cre­ate a bot­tle­neck that pre­vents growth. 5. Mar­ket the ser­vices and prod­ucts you re­ally want to grow, and don’t mar­ket the things you don’t en­joy or at­tract less profit (un­less they are a spe­cific and proven lead gen­er­a­tor).

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