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It’s also cer­tainly im­por­tant for meat eaters to con­sider how of­ten they con­sume meat, the qual­ity of this meat, what the an­i­mals have been fed and how they have been raised. Over the past decade there has been a dra­matic in­crease in the preva­lence of cheap and poorqual­ity meat op­tions – there is a big dif­fer­ence nu­tri­tion­ally be­tween or­ganic, grass-fed meat and $3 sausages. Many of us could ben­e­fit from de­creas­ing our con­sump­tion of meat, specif­i­cally pro­cessed foods such as ba­con, ham, salami and sausages, which are not only high in sodium but also tend to con­tain preser­va­tives and ad­di­tives, sodium ni­trate be­ing one of the most com­mon. Sodium and ni­trite them­selves are not car­cino­genic, but ni­trite formed from di­etary ni­trate has been shown to re­act with di­etary amines to form car­cino­genic ni­trosamines, so it’s cer­tainly im­por­tant to limit your con­sump­tion of this preser­va­tive.

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