Is this the pret­ti­est road?

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I get bored pretty eas­ily when it comes to ex­er­cise, and it turns out my dog does too. That has meant we’ve been ex­plor­ing some lo­cal side roads I’ve never had the oc­ca­sion to drive down, and it’s been quite an ex­pe­ri­ence.

There’s been some lovely lit­tle sur­prises, like the wild­ing peach and ap­ple trees grow­ing on the road­side, and meet­ing the lo­cals and their dogs dogs.

There’s the dis­gust­ing, like the huge amounts of rub­bish thrown out the win­dow, or in many cases bagged up and dropped off, seem­ingly in weekly amounts.

Then there’s the al­most-un­men­tion­able. The first time Evie rolled in a big pud­dle of liq­uid hu­man fae­ces on the road­side, I put it down to some­one hav­ing an emer­gency sit­u­a­tion. But now it’s hap­pened (or just been pre­vented) on mul­ti­ple oc­ca­sions down dif­fer­ent roads all over my dis­trict, I have vi­sions of a se­rial pooper. And we’re talk­ing im­me­di­ate road­side, not hid­den be­hind a bush or in the long grass.

How­ever, the good out­weighs the bad and the other day we found the pret­ti­est of all the roads we’ve wan­dered down. Mon­u­ment Road in Man­gatangi is like many oth­ers, a mix of dairy farms and life­style blocks, but it has a je­une se quois fac­tor for me. There’s a beau­ti­ful view of a mini-moun­tain - a re­ally tall, moun­tain-shaped lump in the mid­dle of rel­a­tively flat farm­land - and lots of trees. It’s quiet, but when you spot a lo­cal they smile and wave. Best of all, Evie came back spot­less thanks to a lovely old farm dog we met which cleaned her from head to toe, the ul­ti­mate sign of friend­li­ness.


Last month we ran a story on fire­wood trees, promis­ing a list of op­tions to con­sider plant­ing this win­ter. Please ac­cept my apolo­gies, as the story had to be re­duced due to a lack of space but I for­got to amend the head­line. How­ever, you’ll find the miss­ing trees from that story on page 29 of this is­sue.

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