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1 The word onion is de­rived from the Latin word ‘unio’ which means large pearl.

2 Onions were an im­por­tant part of life in an­cient Egypt. Lead­ers took an oath of of­fice with their right hand on an onion. This was prob­a­bly be­cause the hum­ble onion was seen as a sym­bol of the uni­verse thanks to all those lay­ers.

3 Need to re­move a splin­ter? Put a slice of onion on the gauze-padded part of a ban­dage. Left on overnight, the onion will draw the splin­ter to the sur­face so you can re­move it. 4 Hu­mans have been cul­ti­vat­ing onions since 3500BC. 5 Onions were thought to be pow­er­ful medicine dur­ing the Amer­i­can Civil War in the 1860s. Gen­eral Ulysses

S. Grant would not move his army with­out a good sup­ply of them.

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