Makes 3 small jars, store in the re­frig­er­a­tor for up to 2 weeks.

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n 1 tbsp olive oil

n 3 red onions, medium size,

finely chopped

n 2 hot chili pep­pers (I sug­gest

haben­eros), seeded and minced

n ¼ cup sun-dried toma­toes, minced

n 1 tart cooking ap­ple (Granny

Smith) peeled and grated

n ½ cup sul­tanas

n ¾ cup red wine vine­gar

n 1 cup firmly packed brown sugar

n 1 cin­na­mon stick

n 1 cup ap­ple juice

n salt, to taste

Cook onions in olive oil on medium heat in a heavy-bot­tomed saucepan for 15 min­utes un­til soft. The eas­i­est way I’ve found to process the chili, sun-dried toma­toes and ap­ple is to roughly chop them up and pop them all to­gether into a food pro­ces­sor (with a blade) along with the red wine vine­gar and pulse them un­til finely minced, then add them into the pot with the onions. Add all other in­gre­di­ents ex­cept the salt. Bring to a gen­tle sim­mer and cook un­cov­ered for 1 hour, un­til mar­malade starts to thicken. Stir fre­quently. If all the mois­ture evap­o­rates and the onions are not fully cooked, add more wa­ter and con­tinue to cook un­til the mix­ture is re­duced to a thick, jam-like con­sis­tency. Re­move from heat, add salt and re­move cin­na­mon stick. Serve warm with a roast or with pan-fried chicken, dol­lop onto crack­ers with cream cheese, or it’s ex­cel­lent on toast or bagels with toma­toes and ba­con.

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