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Red Bartlett

• Pear,

• Quince, this one has a nice pink blos­som even if it doesn’t fruit

• Plums, th­ese are still seedlings. Some­times pips and stones grow more vig­or­ously and healthily than pam­pered, grafted va­ri­eties, and this is true for all stone fruit.

• Hazel­nuts, now pro­duc­ing plenty of nuts af­ter 20 years of wait­ing.

• Peaches, th­ese fruit ev­ery third year, only if it doesn’t rain in Septem­ber, older trees lose vigour af­ter 15 years so you have to re­plant peach trees.

• Lo­quat trees ( Eri­obotrya japon­ica) look great and pro­duce de­li­cious fruit even in quite cold ar­eas. Their tim­ber is an awe­some pink hard­wood too.

• Tamar­illo and straw­berry guava, have filled boxes of suc­cu­lent fruit for us in their day, but they need a tun­nel house, ir­ri­ga­tion, and re­plac­ing when they burn out af­ter 10 years as they are trop­i­cal fruit like toma­toes and need the same de­gree of care, feed­ing, and at­ten­tion.

• Olives, Man­zanillo, Koroneiki have both pro­duced ed­i­ble fruit to amaze the vis­i­tors! I pickle olives ev­ery third year or so in brine, get­ting about one small jar.

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