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This dreamy co­conut t yo­ghurt re­minds me of blue seas and sunny days, a kind of Poly­ne­sian twist on n the Euro­pean style of yo­ghurt. My grand­son dson likes to driz­zle maple syrup on his but honey or fruit go equally well with it to give you a sun­shine break­fast.


● 600ml cow’s milk* *in the su­per­mar­kett look for full-fat, ‘farm­house’ use’ etc ● 400ml co­conut cream* eam* *check the la­bel to make sure it is all co­conut cream and doesn’t have wa­ter added ● 2 heaped tbsp plain yo­ghurt OR ● 2 heaped tbsp Lac­to­bacil­lus aci­dophilus cul­ture


1. Mix milk and co­conut cream to­gether and warm to 37°C. 2. Add yo­ghurt or cul­ture and stir gen­tly to mix. Place in a yogurt-maker or ther­mos for 12 hours or overnigh overnight. ght. Do not dis­turb the yo­ghurt un­til il l it has had that time to cul­ture. 3. It should be quite thick a and a bit lumpy - you can eat it now if you like the con­sis­tency or drain it throughthr rough a ster­ilised­muslin-ster­ilised muslin-lined lined coland colan­der nder un­til it is the re­quired thick­ness.s. Add a ta­ble­spoon of honey to sweeten n if de­sired, then re­frig­er­ate – it will keepke eep for about a week.

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