This recipe has worked so far in three dif­fer­ent bread­mak­ers so I think I can safely say it's a uni­ver­sal type.

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300ml warm wa­ter 3 tbsp olive oil 2 cups white flour 1 cup whole­meal flour 1.5 tsp salt 1 tbsp sugar 3 tbsp milk pow­der 3 tsp bread­maker yeast

Pop the in­gre­di­ents into the e bread­maker in this or­der. r. Set to DOUGH and let t the ma­chine do the e work for you while hile you get the pesto o or­gan­ised.


2-3 good big hand­ful­snd­fuls of greens 3/4 cup good ex­tra vir­gin olive oil ½ tsp salt ½ cup roasted nuts and/orr seeds n small chunk of parme­san or feta cheese (op­tional)

Juice of 1 le­mon n 2-3 large cloves of gar­lic, depend­ing on taste

The greens can in­clude sheep's sor­rel, chick­weed, baby dan­de­lion, puha, cleaver stems, ms, and wa­ter­cress leaves, mus­tardd greens from the gar­den, plus rocket, cilantro, pars­ley or mint nt if you have it grow­ing. Put all in­gre­di­ents be­low into a food pro­ces­sor and thor­oughly blend to make about a cup which is roughly how much you will need for the pin­wheels.

Once the pesto is ready and the bread­maker has fin­ished its dough cy­cle, roll the dough out into a large rec­tan­gle on a floured sur­face, spread with pesto and as much grated cheese as you like, roll into a sausage and cut into 2cm slices. Place on a well-greased oven tray and leave to rise for 20-40 min­utes. Bake at 180°C un­til golden brown, around 25 min­utes.


800g tart ap­ples Squeeze of le­mon juice 4 tbsp sugar 2 tbsp but­ter wa­ter Peel, core and chop the ap­ples into small pieces and cook un­til just soft with a squeeze of le­mon juice. I some­times add a wee bit of wa­ter as well so they don't burn. Cook in ad­vance and leave to cool down un­til warm.


n 400g self-rais­ing flour OR n 200g whole­meal flour + 200g white flour + 2.5 tsp bak­ing pow­der

gen­er­ous pinch of salt n 1 tsp cin­na­mon n 125g but­ter n 4 tbsp sugar n 250ml milk In a food pro­ces­sor, com­bine flour/s, salt, but­ter, cin­na­mon and sugar and pulse un­til it re­sem­bles fine bread­crumbs. You can add more cin­na­mon if you like it, or try mixed spice, anise, car­damom and ginger. If you don't have a food pro­ces­sor, just rub the but­ter in with your fin­gers. Add milk un­til you have a soft sticky dough. Trans­fer dough to a floured sur­face and roll out into a rec­tan­gle about 20x60cm. Spread ap­ple mix­ture over dough and roll up. Cut into 12-14 rolls and place on grease­proof pa­per on a tray in a ring with 1-2cm in be­tween as the dap­pys swell up as they cook and form a sort-of cake. You can sprin­kle with a bit more sugar and/or cin­na­mon if you like. Cook for 20-25 min­utes at 200°C. Serve warm with cream/ice cream.

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