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In a re­cent dis­cus­sion with John Michael Greer, Peak Pros­per­ity blog­ger Chris Marten­son talks of the ‘iphone mo­ment’, the point in his talks where peo­ple pull out their lit­tle piece of tech­nol­ogy and wave them in his face as proof that mankind is on the up-and-up.

Greer minces no words mak­ing mince­meat of the claim. He points out that smart­phones pro­duce no energy and solve none of our eco­log­i­cal prob­lems, yet they take energy and re­sources to pro­duce. In short, they are part of the prob­lem, not part of the so­lu­tion.

Else­where on his blog, Marten­son dis­cusses some­thing I come across regularly: the ‘thou­sand-mile stare’. Peo­ple start to lis­ten to you, but then dis­com­fort makes them dis­en­gage. Here’s his ar­gu­ment:

“Do iphones pro­duce energy? Nope. Will they re­fill our rapidly de­plet­ing oil and gas wells, re­stock the rav­aged oceans with fish, or re­store the van­ish­ing top­soil from the world’s fields? Of course not. Will they suck car­bon diox­ide from the sky, get rid of the vast mats of float­ing plas­tic that clog the seas, or do some­thing about the steadily in­creas­ing stock­piles of nu­clear waste that are go­ing to sicken and kill peo­ple for the next quar­ter of a mil­lion years un­less the waste gets put some­place safe, if there is any­where safe to put it at all? Not a chance.

“As a re­sponse to any of the predica­ments that are driv­ing the cri­sis of our age, iphones are at best ir­rel­e­vant. Since they con­sume energy and re­sources, and the sprawl­ing tech­nosys­tems that make them func­tion con­sume energy and re­sources at a rate or­ders of mag­ni­tude greater, they’re part of the prob­lem, not any sort of a so­lu­tion.” Source: www.re­silience.org/ sto­ries/2015-04-09/the­bur­den-of-de­nial

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