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great to Now we come to the ed­i­ble tim­ber trees, and ar­rive full cir­cle at the start of our or­chard di­ver­sity story. Some of the best fig­ured, hard­est, shini­est-grained woods are ‘fruit woods’ pro­vided by cherry, ap­ple and pear trees.

Trees grown from pips are of­ten more vig­or­ous and faster grow­ing than cul­ti­vated grafted va­ri­eties, so the odd pear seedling can pro­vide both in­ter­nal shel­ter and even­tu­ally won­der­ful wood for carv­ing. The rud­ders of Vene­tian gon­do­las are made from pear wood.

Ap­ple is also one of the planet’s best fire­woods. Cit­rus tim­ber is ex­tremely hard, great for fine mar­quetry. Peach wood is great for smok­ing fish.

Olives, lo­quats, av­o­ca­dos (poi­sonous to an­i­mals) all have ex­cel­lent tim­ber prop­er­ties too, and all han­dle coastal winds with a lit­tle shel­ter. Lo­quats fruit easily but the other two are re­luc­tant to fruit where there is frost, even though the trees will sur­vive.

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