4 good rea­sons to grow rab­bits for meat

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Grow­ing do­mes­tic rab­bits for meat is com­ing back into pop­u­lar­ity for a lot of good rea­sons:

1It is a healthy, low-fat, low­c­holes­terol meat that is easy to cook. The ba­sic rule: re­place chicken with rab­bit in a recipe.

2Rab­bits need min­i­mal space in a gar­den and you don’t need to buy any ex­pen­sive equip­ment so it’s not a lot of cash to out­lay to get started. Kathy has 15 years of ex­pe­ri­ence

in breed­ing rab­bits. She’s owned and bred black

and red eye white Flem­ish Giants, but is now breed­ing

New Zealand Whites, and Satins where

her quest is to breed a rain­bow lit­ter. Her fas­ci­na­tion

is with ge­net­ics, nutri­tion, health and wel­fare

of meat and pelt breeds of rab­bit, and the chal­lenge

of im­prov­ing the breeds. Her wish: to

see the rab­bit meat and pelt in­dus­try up and run­ning

again in NZ.

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