3. Radish

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Radishes ( Raphanus sativus) are great mi­cro­greens to start with as they ger­mi­nate quickly in cool or warm con­di­tions and grow vig­or­ously to harvest in 8-10 days.

They are usu­ally picked at cotyle­don (true leaf) stage, when they are ten­der, crisp and spicy. Use to add colour and bite to sal­ads, and as an at­trac­tive gar­nish. Past cotyle­don stage, plants can be­come woody and hot. Older shoots can be added to soups and stocks.

Radishes, es­pe­cially the coloured leaf va­ri­eties, are high in vi­ta­mins, min­er­als and an­tiox­i­dants, rank­ing with broc­coli as a health-giv­ing food, es­pe­cially in can­cer preven­tion.


You can grow any radish va­ri­ety as a mi­crogreen but Rambo is my favourite with its deep pur­plish-red coloured seed leaves (the true leaves tend to green up). For an ex­tra hot af­ter-blast of flavour, try the east Asian white radish Daikon ( Raphanus sativus var. longip­in­na­tus).

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