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I read the ar­ti­cles con­cern­ing ‘raw milk’ with hor­ror. Has ev­ery­body for­got­ten why milk is pro­cessed by the ‘pas­teur’ method? In the dis­tant past the num­ber that died from tu­ber­cu­lo­sis was truly ap­palling (on my pa­ter­nal line I can pos­i­tively iden­tify at least five in a hun­dred years) and vir­tu­ally ev­ery town had its sana­to­rium.

Pas­teur, like many oth­ers, spent a great deal of time re­search­ing to de­velop a method of pro­duc­ing safe milk to elim­i­nate the scourge.

I can re­mem­ber the phys­i­cal wrecks that pot­tered about the closed grounds of a sana­to­rium near where I was born in Eng­land. It is a hor­ri­ble way to die and the quick­est method of ac­quir­ing it is drink­ing raw milk. At some time in the dis­tant past I must have got it (but not from milk) and beaten it, as I re­act to the tests for the an­ti­bod­ies – I was lucky!

Whilst vets test herds for this, a beast could eas­ily pick up TB from a cow ‘nos­ing’ a dead pos­sum and have spread TB via milk be­fore the next test – this is why farm­ers trap and kill pos­sums around their prop­er­ties.

The next risk is lep­tospiro­sis, a very nasty ‘spiro­chete’ and dif­fi­cult to get rid of. Syphilis is an­other spiro­chete. I know, as I have con­tracted ‘lepto’ twice: once in a freez­ing works and the sec­ond at an A&P show. In­fants are un­likely to sur­vive it, adults are very ill.

Yet an­other risk is bru­cel­losis. It’s like hav­ing a bad bout of ‘flu ev­ery four or five days, com­bined with se­vere de­pres­sion, for months and months and years un­til it burns it­self out. My wife con­tracted this

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