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Good an­i­mal hus­bandry is al­ways im­por­tant on New Zealand farms, but in drought con­di­tions it be­comes even more of a pri­or­ity.

Few farm­ers will­ingly jeop­ar­dise the well­be­ing of their an­i­mals, but some­times the health of in­di­vid­ual sheep and cat­tle can be com­pro­mised in the in­ter­ests of gen­eral flock or herd wel­fare, un­less care is taken.

Un­der NZ an­i­mal wel­fare leg­is­la­tion there are codes that take ac­count of five ba­sic an­i­mal wel­fare re­quire­ments: • free­dom from thirst, hunger and mal­nu­tri­tion; • the pro­vi­sion of ap­pro­pri­ate com­fort and shel­ter; • the preven­tion or rapid di­ag­no­sis and treat­ment of in­jury, dis­ease or in­fes­ta­tion with par­a­sites; • free­dom from dis­tress; • the abil­ity to dis­play nor­mal pat­terns of be­hav­ior.

The An­i­mals Pro­tec­tion Act 1960 in­di­cates that an of­fence is com­mit­ted if any­one: • be­ing the owner or per­son in charge of any an­i­mal, omits to sup­ply the an­i­mal with proper and suf­fi­cient food, wa­ter and shel­ter; • be­ing the owner or per­son in charge of any an­i­mal, with­out rea­son­able ex­cuse, ne­glects the an­i­mal so that it suf­fers un­rea­son­able or un­nec­es­sary pain or suf­fer­ing; • keeps alive any an­i­mal that is in such a con­di­tion that it is cruel to keep it alive.

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