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This has gar­nered a fair bit of in­ter­est. Coll has an acute al­lergy to coun­cil rules and he had a nasty flare-up when he wanted to build a sleep-out that was big­ger than the stan­dard 10m². He was quoted the costs for the con­sent process and reeled back in hor­ror.

Armed with the knowl­edge that a float­ing or oth­er­wise mov­able home did not in­cur the same ex­pen­sive red tape, he built an ark, a beau­ti­ful­ly­de­signed, nau­ti­cal-styled cabin com­plete with mez­za­nine sleep­ing plat­form, gal­ley and heads, that rests on wheels and has pon­toons. No con­sent nec­es­sary.

“The Ark is on the move right now,” says Coll. He’s built four this year and has a wait­ing list. This is a no-smell com­post­ing loo, at­trac­tively housed in a tall, plas­tic­moulded tank, a no-flush, no-power al­ter­na­tive to the hideous ‘long drop’. The deluxe op­tion in­cludes a rain­wa­ter col­lec­tion tank, gut­ter­ing, hand basin and foot pump. Liq­uids are pro­cessed via a sin­gle bin con­tain­ing bark that can be planted with ei­ther na­tive grasses or other spe­cific plants which work as fil­ters via tran­spi­ra­tion and evap­o­ra­tion. Tiger worms in the waste di­gester un­der the loo seat break down solid ma­te­rial. It was so suc­cess­ful Coll sold the busi­ness in 2012 to drain­layer Anita Grant (­post­ing­toi­

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