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The 5 shifts that will shake the global elec­tric­ity sys­tem Why so­lar is now as cheap as coal­pany/newen­ergy-out­look/­pany/new-en­er­gy­out­look/ MUR­RAY GRIM­WOOD lives with part­ner Jen­nie Up­ton and Zeb the dog on a

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1So­lar, so­lar every­where

The fur­ther de­cline in the cost of pho­to­voltaic tech­nol­ogy will drive a US$3.7 tril­lion surge in in­vest­ment in so­lar, both large-scale and small-scale.


Sum­mer is the peak sea­son for par­a­sites, the most com­mon pests you’ll find ir­ri­tat­ing your poul­try. There are the in­ter­nal par­a­sites in­clud­ing round­worm, gape worm and tape­worm, the pro­to­zoa in­vaders like coc­cid­io­sis and black­head, and the ex­ter­nal creepy crawlies like red mite, scaly leg mite, north­ern fowl mite, lice and pos­si­bly fleas as well.

All are most com­monly found in or on birds with free range ac­cess, whether it’s an en­closed run or in a gar­den, or­chard or pas­ture. Com­mer­cial farm­ers whose birds are kept in­doors ei­ther in cages or barns rarely have prob­lems with par­a­sites as their birds are kept se­cure from the in­flu­ence of wild birds and other risks, so if you take on birds from th­ese farms, they can be more at risk (see box above) than a bird raised in a free-range en­vi­ron­ment.

Don’t forget about ro­dents ei­ther, one of the big­gest car­ri­ers of diseases and par­a­sites into your coop.

Spring and sum­mer are warm, and of­ten wet too, the ideal con­di­tions to en­cour­age dis­ease. It’s also the time when you have lots of young birds around. Their ju­ve­nile im­mune sys­tems are only just de­vel­op­ing, and if they then meet a mas­sive pop­u­la­tion boom of mites or coc­cid­io­sis, it can of­ten be too much for them to cope with. If they are de­bil­i­tated through anaemia caused by blood-thirsty par­a­sites they will be un­able to grow prop­erly or to re­sist more se­ri­ous vi­ral or bac­te­rial in­fec­tions which may also be in their en­vi­ron­ment.

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