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I’m lov­ing Adele’s new song, al­though it’s pos­si­ble by the time you read this I might have got sick of hear­ing it.

When I was grow­ing up, it was nor­mal to say hello to al­most ev­ery neigh­bour, al­most ev­ery day, even the grumpy ones. Look­ing back, the ad­van­tage was that most of our neigh­bours had chil­dren of the same age, so you ended up at school-run so­cial events or tak­ing part in play dates.

When you don’t have chil­dren to con­nect you, liv­ing in the coun­try can be iso­lat­ing. In my own ex­pe­ri­ence, there’s noth­ing in my com­mu­nity like the close­ness or the friend­ships that my par­ents had – and still have – with their neigh­bours, now life-long friends in a few in­stances. Ad­mit­tedly, in a few oth­ers, it was a re­lief to see them move on!

My ob­ser­va­tion is that those who do have chil­dren at the lo­cal pre-school and pri­mary school are so­cially ac­tive to­gether, and they’re al­ways busy. It takes much more of an ef­fort to be­come part of the group be­cause their lives are al­ready pretty full and mov­ing at a mil­lion miles an hour.

If an­other lan­guage is in­volved, it’s an­other layer of com­plex­ity. You’ll see we have a head­line on our cover this month in Chi­nese, in a bid to con­nect with a grow­ing num­ber of block own­ers for whom English is not their first lan­guage. It’s an at­tempt to reach out to peo­ple who may need ad­vice, but aren’t sure where to start. There’s a link on page 33 where you can down­load the guide to sheep in Chi­nese – please feel free to print it off and share it if you think some­one will find it use­ful.

In­tro­duce your­self. Be brave. Per­haps bake! That’s what I tell my­self, and be­cause of that my com­mu­nity grows.

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