Dear Jess.

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You’re right. My life in the city is so much dif­fer­ent than yours. You have taught me so much. I know it’s not po­lite of talk of age, but you are so much more ma­ture then me. It’s not just age though, it’s your vast coun­try ex­pe­ri­ence.

I’m sure this seems like a small thing to you, but it is one of the mo­ments I’ll never for­get. Jess, in the city it is not cool to get your feet wet – I step around pud­dles when out walk­ing with my fam­ily and it’s seen by them as cute.

So when I first vis­ited your place and you ‘swam’ across the river to get to the hay pad­dock, I was shocked. What were you think­ing? The Ga­tor looked a bet­ter op­tion for me, dry and safe. But you looked like you were hav­ing so much fun I just had to jump in and af­ter the ini­tial shock I re­alised I had to do that ‘dog pad­dle’ I’d heard about.

Hon­estly Jess, the look on your dad’s face – for a split sec­ond there I thought he was com­ing in too. I thought it was the Ga­tor splut­ter­ing but I think it was him. I sus­pect he’d been told I don’t like wa­ter, or was it the fear of hav­ing to give me ‘the kiss of life’ should I get into trou­ble? Let’s face it, Bos­ton ter­ri­ers don’t have the most at­trac­tive look… but when I think about it, it was more likely the hor­ror of hav­ing to tell Philippe some­thing hap­pened to me on his watch.

I still do the wa­ter avoid­ance thing in town. Why change the habit of my short life time? And I know my se­cret is safe with you – they don’t need to know. As the say­ing goes, what hap­pens on camp, stays on camp.

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