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Some read­ers may be aghast at the sight of the chip­per be­ing used for food pur­poses, but we are talk­ing lots of ap­ples here. Many years of juic­ing have taught these coun­try folk how to do the job. This was for­merly the wood chip­per, but it was re­tired from that task, thor­oughly cleaned, and is re­served now for food pur­poses only. You can see from the pic­ture that buck­ets of ap­ples are loaded into the top and the pulp and ap­ple chips col­lected in a large yel­low bowl be­low. When the bowl is full the pulp is trans­ferred to what looks like a gi­ant sock. This is the juic­ing bag which is then dropped into the press to line the bar­rel staves, with the end tucked over the top to hold the bag. A large wooden lid, well­fit­ting and strong, is then in­serted un­der the press­ing mech­a­nism, and every­one is in­vited to have a go and press! Turn­ing the han­dle is em­pow­er­ing for the kids as they see their ap­ples pour­ing lots of rich tawny juice out of the sides and base of the press un­der their own mus­cle power. The press is mounted up high with a plas­tic catcher around the base, fun­nelling the dense, rich, sweet juice into a steel basin on the ground. As you can see the end prod­uct is a dark colour, and it didn’t last long be­cause it was so de­li­cious. You could eas­ily di­lute it 50/50 with wa­ter and it would still taste strong. We all drank our fill of ap­ple juice that af­ter­noon, and each fam­ily took home a cou­ple of washed winebox bags* of ap­ple juice to drink or to freeze for later.

A sim­i­lar press is used to make cider. You could also juice pears, or a mix­ture of pears and ap­ples.

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