What is dou­ble glaz­ing?

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Dou­ble glaz­ing is a way of hold­ing in heat by cre­at­ing an in­su­lat­ing layer – ei­ther nor­mal air or spe­cial heavy gases – be­tween two panes of glass while still let­ting in as much sun­light as sin­gle-glazed win­dows.

It is worth in­stalling in ex­ist­ing homes if you’re do­ing sub­stan­tial re­pairs or re­plac­ing win­dows, but if you need to pri­ori­tise, in­stall dou­ble glaz­ing to the main heated ar­eas of the house and to large win­dows.

The bonus: you re­duce the amount of ex­ter­nal noise you hear, and re­duce or re­move con­den­sa­tion build-up in cold weather.

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