Spring brings all kinds of new projects, fromm thrash­ing back the new weed growth, to fight­ing pos­sums and build­ing projects. Here’s tips on how to win the weed and pest wars, and what to con­sider if you want to build a small shed.

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IF YOU’RE look­ing to clear weeds away from around your new­ly­planted trees – thick, long grass will hold them back, suck­ing up wa­ter and nu­tri­ents a young tree needs – or you have ar­eas of rough weeds and shrubs that are too steep or in­ac­ces­si­ble to cut down us­ing a ride-on mower or a trac­tor, a brush­cut­ter is the best op­tion for clear­ing it.

These use solid blades which can cut through thick, tough and even woody-stemmed plants that a line trim­mer can’t han­dle.

But how do you know what to look for? The ex­perts at Husq­varna have five tips for help­ing you to get the best ma­chine for your needs. • it is im­por­tant that the brush­cut­ter is easy to start, es­pe­cially if you are in­ex­pe­ri­enced with small en­gines. • high power, high torque and rapid ac­cel­er­a­tion are im­por­tant when cut­ting through veg­e­ta­tion, but you also want a ma­chine that is light if you are work­ing long days. • make sure it has a har­ness which spreads the load, so it’s comfortable and won’t hurt your back, and be­cause it’s more ef­fi­cient. • Check that the han­dle­bars can be an­gled rel­a­tive to the shaft, to pre­vent an un­even load be­ing placed on your back. • check if the han­dle­bars can be folded for trans­porta­tion and stor­age. bat­tery-pow­ered Husq­varna chain­saws, trim­mers, blow­ers, brush­cut­ters are all de­signed to meet the needs of pro­fes­sional ar­borists, con­trac­tors, land­scap­ers and gar­den­ers, and all de­liver per­for­mance with­out petrol.

Husq­varna’s new hand­held pro­fes­sional prod­ucts fea­ture an in­te­grated, change­able bat­tery that de­liv­ers petrol per­for­mance, with­out the fuel emis­sions. The ben­e­fits in­clude: • low noise lev­els • low vibrations • clean op­er­a­tion with no di­rect emis­sions

The range all use the same in­ter­change­able sys­tem so you can use one bat­tery with a com­plete fleet of pro­fes­sional outdoor tools. They can be bought sep­a­rately, or as a kit with the best-suited bat­tery pack and quick-charger, which of­fers you con­tin­u­ous op­er­a­tion im­me­di­ately.

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