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The first real chicken per­son I ever met was Mark Goldby. He had a fa­mil­iar tale to tell: the fam­ily moved to the coun­try to live the good life and they wanted a few chick­ens for fresh eggs.

How­ever, it was par­tic­u­larly im­por­tant to Mark’s wife Fiona that it was just a few hens and they would al­ways be locked in a coop as she had a chronic pho­bia of birds. Mark didn’t need telling twice. He had his new flock set up in a coop be­fore they’d moved the fur­ni­ture into the house.

But it soon be­came ob­vi­ous that ‘the girls’ wanted to be free, so they were al­lowed out of their run to roam around the gar­den. That was fine when Mark was home, but one day when he wasn’t, poor Fiona spent an hour trapped in her car, ter­ri­fied, as the chick­ens sur­rounded her, cu­ri­ous to know why she wouldn’t get out.

When your hus­band is as poul­try ob­ssessed as Mark quickly be­came, it turns out it is pos­si­ble to get over a pho­bia. Three years later, Fiona and Mark had 20 dif­fer­ent her­itage breeds, a flock that num­bered 300+ and an in­cu­ba­tor with a 400-egg hatch­ing ca­pac­ity. Ten years later, they’re still chicken-mad.

I thought Mark and Fiona were fairly unique, but since then I’ve met so many peo­ple who are just as crazy in love with their chick­ens. Some of them even love roost­ers! I think my favourites are the ones who had no idea they were chicken peo­ple un­til they got some ‘so we could have eggs’ and then re­alised the thing they’d been miss­ing all their lives was chick­ens.

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Happy sum­mer, happy new year, and thank you for an­other year of read­ing NZ Life­style Block.

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