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I have just fin­ished read­ing Jean Mans­field’s ar­ti­cle about gelato and her recipes.

I won­dered if it was at all pos­si­ble for her to pub­lish (cre­ate? in­vent?) a recipe for cof­fee gelato made with freshly-made espresso or freshly-ground cof­fee beans, not in­stant cof­fee.

I pur­chased an electric ice-cream maker two years ago but the recipes for home-made ice cream are so time­con­sum­ing and you have to use five egg yolks and pre-make the cus­tard. I haven’t used it in ages.

I also won­dered if it is pos­si­ble to switch choco­late pow­der and syrup for proper 70 per­cent choco­late (I have al­ways used Whit­tak­ers). I am not sure I can pur­chase choco­late syrup or choco­late pow­der here in Whakatane. I have al­ways used real choco­late.

I have also never used xan­than gum – is it nec­es­sary?

Many thanks for a fan­tas­tic mag­a­zine. I am a sub­scriber, al­though I don’t have a life­style block but I do have a large gar­den where I grow all my own fruit and veg­eta­bles and I find a lot of ar­ti­cles in your mag so use­ful. Keep up the in­for­ma­tion.

Many thanks, Jude Mills, Whakatane Jean Mans­field replies: Xan­than gum (avail­able from su­per­mar­kets and bulk bin stores or on­line) is nec­es­sary as it’s the emul­si­fier in gelato – it pre­vents ice crys­tals form­ing dur­ing the freez­ing process to give you the cor­rect tex­ture of gelato. Ar­row­root or corn­flour can be used in­stead but they give it a quite floury taste.

Freshly-made espresso can def­i­nitely be used in­stead of the wa­ter com­po­nent – just use the same weight.

Solid choco­late is more dif­fi­cult to com­bine in the gelato as liq­uid choco­late tends to seize and you end up with some com­bined and some solid. You could grate the choco­late in to get it more like a choco­late crunch.

The recipes for home-made ice cream are so time-con­sum­ing

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