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In one of your re­cent is­sues (March) there was a bit about pecans ( The Good Life, by colum­nist Sh­eryn Cloth­ier).

I planted two dif­fer­ent cul­ti­vars close to­gether about 12 years ago and at last one is bear­ing nuts. Last year was about 2kg and it looks to have a heav­ier crop this year. Nor­mally we get ma­ture nuts around May when the leaves start to fall, that is if I can keep my 7 year old grand­son from scoff­ing the lot.

Note that they are eas­ily dam­aged by the Manawatu winds. One of the trees strug­gles to get any height due to wind dam­age. Russell Lyon, Palmer­ston North Sh­eryn replies: Word from Lou­siana is that pecans are limb drop­pers, a bit like gums I imag­ine, and NZ trees seem eem par­tic­u­larly prone. I per­son­ally on­ally am with­hold­ing any ni­tro­gen fer­tiliser but in­creas­ing trace min­er­als in an at­tempt to re­pro­duce na­tive Mis­sis­sippi nu­tri­ents.

But at 10 years my pecans are still small. One had flow­ers on it it last year, so hope­fully another one will flower next year and maybe I will be crop­ping in year 12! Mean­while, we have col­lected the most promis­ing va­ri­eties in New Zealand and have prop­a­gated the­mathem and are plant­ing th them at Guthrie Smith A Ar­bore­tum at Tu­tira in Hawkes Bay. It will be a long time (12 years) b be­fore they can be evalu eval­u­ated but it is the first ex­ten­sive col­lec­tion of NZ pecan ge­net­ics to be planted.

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