Vapour rub

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This rub is forr adults and chil­dren aged 10 years and over. Es­sen­tial oils should uld not be used on ba­bies, and should hould be well di­luted for young chil­dren,dren, or you can use hy­drosols in­stead.d


5 tbsp co­conut oil 2 tbsp co­coa but­ter 1½ tbsp grated beeswax 20 drops eu­ca­lyp­tus es­sen­tial oil 10 drops pep­per­mint

es­sen­tial oil 10 drops laven­der es­sen­tial oil

How to make

Melt co­conut oil, co­coa but­ter and beeswax in dou­ble boiler. Re­move from heat. Add the es­sen­tial oils and mix well. Pour the mix­ture into a clean glass jar.

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