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A few plants are toxic to stock. Well-fed, ma­ture an­i­mals will usu­ally not eat them, but they are poi­sonous and those an­i­mals most at risk are the hun­gry, young, cu­ri­ous, bored or naïve.

Toxic plants not usu­ally eaten are more palat­able if cut and al­lowed to wilt so a ba­sic rule should be don’t throw gar­den prun­ings over the fence, or grass cut­tings that might con­tain their fo­liage (and don’t do that any­way as hot grass cut­tings can cause bloat and death).

It can take just mouth­fuls of plants like na­tive tutu, or rhodo­den­dron or ole­an­der, es­pe­cially in young, old or health­com­pro­mised an­i­mals, to make them very sick or even kill them.

Plants to keep away from stock in­clude:

rhodo­den­dron aza­lea ole­an­der yew ngaio ces­trum kowhai karaka macro­carpa and pines (nee­dles can cause cows to mis­carry) hem­lock tutu some lilies, in­clud­ing the large and com­mon arum lily

av­o­cado leaf and fruit skin, par­tic­u­larly to horses

green acorns, es­pe­cially in young an­i­mals but all ages af­fected, mor­tal­ity rate is 10-20% and there’s lit­tle treat­ment to save an af­fected an­i­mal.

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