2 Nut trees TIM­ING: sum­mer (leaves), au­tumn (nuts)

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Nuts make ex­cel­lent stock (and hu­man!) food, and cows, sheep and pigs will all learn to eat them. They are also very long-lived trees and pro­vide good shel­ter.

Wal­nuts in­hibit grass growth un­der­neath which can be muddy in win­ter, but they also help to de­ter flies, lice and mites from their zone in sum­mer.

Pecans like stream edges and live for cen­turies but you need sev­eral near to each other for pol­li­na­tion.

Hazel­nuts are smaller, you need sev­eral to pol­li­nate each other, and make a great hedgerow shel­ter. The leaves are also good fod­der in sum­mer and the wood has nu­mer­ous uses.

Ch­est­nuts have a very prickly burr, but I have see seen sheep learn to stamp them open to get the nu nuts out. The leaves, bark, chest­nut pel­li­cle and ski skin are all an­thelmintic, and re­search in NZ is prov­ing its ben­e­fits and at­trac­tive­ness to al­pacas. On the down­side, rats can be at­tracted to the nuts.

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