Why pol­lard­ing is a great way to man­age fod­der trees

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Pol­lard­ing is cut­ting your tree down and leav­ing a tall stump to re­grow. It is sim­i­lar to cop­pic­ing which cuts a low stump (near ground level), but pol­lard­ing is where you cut it higher (about shoul­der height) so the new growth is above graz­ing height.

You want to cut in sum­mer to sup­ply fod­der, so en­sure your tree is ma­ture and es­tab­lished enough to re­grow the fol­low­ing spring. Fully pol­lard only ev­ery 2-6 years, or al­ter­na­tively re­move 50% of the branches each year.

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