Neck break­ing

(cer­vi­cal dis­lo­ca­tion)

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Ben­e­fits: it can be done quickly and no equip­ment is nec­es­sary

Draw­backs: it re­quires some con­fi­dence and skill; there are nerve tremors af­ter­wards which can be quite strong; it is eas­ier on younger birds, older birds can be tougher; you may not have enough grip strength in your hands and/or your hands may be too small; you may not have the arm strength re­quired (es­pe­cially if it is a larger rooster, or a larger bird like a goose or turkey). Method: Death is caused by snap­ping the spinal cord be­hind the skull along with the ma­jor veins and ar­ter­ies sup­ply­ing blood to the brain. Un­con­scious­ness fol­lows im­me­di­ately and death takes about 15-20 sec­onds, once the brain and heart are de­prived of blood.

Note: these in­struc­tions are for a right-handed per­son, re­verse if you are left-handed.

1. Hold the bird by its legs in your left hand so it is hang­ing up­side down, with its beak fac­ing to the left. Cre­ate a V with the fore­fin­ger and mid­dle fin­ger of your right hand.

2. Slide your fin­gers down the neck so they are sit­ting ei­ther side of the neck, at the base of the skull. Don’t put your fin­gers right around the neck or have them fur­ther up the neck as this makes it much harder to com­plete a clean break and you’ll throt­tle the bird in­stead.

3. Tilt the head at a 90 de­gree an­gle to­wards the right (the beak should be

point­ing down or slightly back­wards) – this makes the dis­lo­ca­tion as easy as pos­si­ble.

4. Hold­ing the body against you and pull down in a firm mo­tion on the neck. You will feel the neck bones sep­a­rate from the head, but stay within the skin – if you are very vig­or­ous with this move­ment you can com­pletely re­move the head. Check that there is a gap be­tween the head and the neck - you should just feel skin be­tween your fin­gers, be­fore you let it go, rather than the bones. The bird will go into tremor and spasms will make it leap around if you put it down. How­ever, the bird will be un­con­scious and the ac­tions will pump the last of the blood into the neck space. Drop­ping it in a sack or an empty bucket at this point will help re­strict it.

the bird will be un­con­scious at this point: con­tain it in a sack or bucket to stop it mov­ing around

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