Ben­e­fits: fast Draw­backs: hold­ing the bird and us­ing an axe or hatchet; mak­ing it a clean cut; large vol­umes of blood spray­ing out.

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For many the his­toric and only way con­sid­ered to kill a chook is by chop­ping its head off. This is a quick method as long as the head is sev­ered com­pletely at the first blow; the bird is im­me­di­ately un­con­scious and bod­ily func­tions cease.

There are a cou­ple of neg­a­tives. One is hold­ing the bird in the right po­si­tion (you can wrap it tightly in a towel or blan­ket) and wield­ing the axe/hatchet with the other. There’s the risk of do­ing your­self an in­jury, or in­jur­ing some­one else if they are hold­ing the bird for you.

De­cap­i­tat­ing a bird also re­leases a large amount of blood very quickly, which tends to go ev­ery­where as the bird will still move due to nerve spasms. Also, if you are killing a bird for meat and need to dunk it straight away into hot wa­ter (to loosen feath­ers to help with pluck­ing), it can get very messy.

Wield­ing an axe can be dif­fi­cult and messy

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