The killing cone

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This is a plas­tic cone at­tached to a fence post or some­thing sturdy, with its nar­row end cut off so you can in­sert a bird into it. You can then de­cap­i­tate it, know­ing the bird is safely held and calm (thanks to a nat­u­ral phe­nom­e­non called tonic im­mo­bil­ity where the bird re­mains calm and still due to it be­ing up­side down).

Another op­tion is stun the bird with a blow to the head be­fore plac­ing it into the cone so it is un­con­scious. You can then cut its throat – make sure to use a very sharp knife. It can take up to 3 min­utes to drain the body com­pletely of blood.

With the bird’s body in the cone, you don’t have to worry about it flapping around due to nerve re­ac­tions as it is se­curely held, and blood can drain onto the ground or be col­lected in a bucket.

A plas­tic cone with the top cut off, turned up­side down, is a good size for hold­ing a bird.

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