The sheep that’s not a breed

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At some point in the fu­ture, when he has time, Philip wants to get into weav­ing. He chose a brown sheep breed – “just to be a lit­tle bit dif­fer­ent I think!” – and went for some of the rarest in NZ.

“It’s not a breed re­ally, it’s a lack of a breed which is the in­ter­est­ing thing. Orig­i­nally they were meri­nos but they come from South Can­ter­bury where they es­caped from a farm and went up into the moun­tains and went feral for sev­eral generations. They lived to­gether in a lit­tle clan and they re­verted to a form of sheep prob­a­bly very sim­i­lar to an­ces­tral merino.”

The re­sult is brown sheep with white on the top of their heads and the tips of their tails, that grow a very fine wool.

“I would love when I grow up to weave rugs. I haven’t done any weav­ing yet but I’ve kept all their wool. I’ve got a shed full of brown wool.”

The sheep are al­most all brown, and prob­a­bly very sim­i­lar to an­ces­tral merino.

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