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The heart does not stop bleed­ing just be­cause the an­i­mal is brain dead. I drag the an­i­mal down to the of­fal hole be­low our yards and cut its throat. You do have to saw across the throat sev­eral times even with a sharp knife. That will bleed the an­i­mal out. I cut through the spinal cord be­tween the ver­te­brae by bend­ing the neck right back. I re­move the neck and head. Here I de­cided not to bother to keep the neck chops. The skin on an al­paca’s neck is very thick and dif­fi­cult to skin so I saved time and didn’t bother. Our of­fal hole was 5 me­tres deep when it was first dug by a con­trac­tor with an auger, and cost us $200. The ad­van­tage of an of­fal hole is that you can dis­pose of car­casses, blood and of­fal hy­gien­i­cally and with­out hav­ing to dig a hole each time.


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