A com­mon way to dis­cover your sep­tic tank hasn’t been main­tained

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Poor de­sign, poor in­stal­la­tion, and poor main­te­nance are three com­mon rea­sons why a sep­tic tank sys­tem will fail

A lot of peo­ple don’t know their sys­tem has a prob­lem un­til the gully trap lets them know in the worst pos­si­ble way.

A gully trap is an over-flow sys­tem. If there’s a block­age some­where, the over­flow will of­ten go out the gully trap and end up as a pool along­side your house.

A com­mon rea­son for a block­age is lack of main­te­nance. Most sys­tems re­quire the ac­cu­mu­lated solids to be pumped out by a spe­cial­ist op­er­a­tor ev­ery 3-5 years. If you don’t do it, at some point the sys­tem will block and some­thing you’ve just flushed will go woosh­ing out the gully trap in­stead.

If you don’t know where your sep­tic tank is, you can visit your dis­trict coun­cil and look at the waste­water plan for your house.

Solids need to be re­moved from most sep­tic sys­tems by a spe­cial­ist op­er­a­tor for dis­posal at least once ev­ery 10 years.

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