3 tips to prevent­ing a fire you don’t want

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Never use ac­cel­er­ants

Us­ing flammable liq­uids, such as petrol, diesel or kerosene as a fire­place ac­cel­er­ant cre­ates an ex­tremely dan­ger­ous en­vi­ron­ment with the pos­si­bil­ity of start­ing an un­con­trol­lable fire, fume in­hala­tion, and po­ten­tial ex­plo­sions. If kin­dling and pa­per isn’t do­ing the trick, there are many safe al­ter­na­tives, such as fire starters avail­able from su­per­mar­kets and hard­ware stores.

In­stall a fire guard

A key cause of FMG’S fire­place claims was hot mat­ter escaping the fire­place and dam­ag­ing sur­round­ing items and fur­nish­ings. You can eas­ily re­duce the chance of items escaping by in­stalling a fire guard in front of your fire­place, and it will keep chil­dren and an­i­mals safe too.

Care­fully dis­pose of ashes

Ashes can stay warm enough to start a fire for up to five days so it’s im­por­tant to store them in a safe way un­til they are cool enough to dis­pose of. Place ashes in a steel bucket, thor­oughly douse with wa­ter, cover with a lid and put out­side away from build­ings for at least five days be­fore safely dis­pos­ing of them.

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