7 tips for plant­ing pears

Do a good job and don’t skimp on tree qual­ity or prepa­ra­tion.

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MIX up to one third (but not more) by vol­ume of com­post or or­ganic mat­ter into the soil.

IF any roots are en­cir­cling the root ball, pull them straight or trim them to the straight point prior to plant­ing.

MAKE sure the graft union (the swelling where the cul­ti­var meets the root­stock) is 5-10cm above the soil line to avoid suck­er­ing.

AF­TER plant­ing, wa­ter thor­oughly. Newly-planted trees need wa­ter­ing weekly for the first year to keep soil moist (but not water­logged).

TIE the tree to a strong stake to en­cour­age a strong trunk and to sta­bilise it so roots can es­tab­lish. Re­move af­ter 3 years.

PEARS will grow bet­ter if grass is re­moved around the trunk and or­ganic mulch added.

AVOID plant­ing in the path of strong pre­vail­ing winds or in frost pock­ets.

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