3 good wal­nut va­ri­eties for the or­chard

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Wal­nuts like a dry cli­mate, with a high sum­mer tem­per­a­ture and win­ter chill­ing (down to -10°C). Late spring frosts can be a prob­lem for some cul­ti­vars. Wal­nuts will grow in hu­mid ar­eas but there is more risk of dis­ease. Grafted trees are more ex­pen­sive to buy but will pro­duce nuts af­ter 3-5 years, vs 10-15 for seedling-grown trees.


Height/spread at ma­tu­rity: 15m x 12m

Growth rate: fast Most blight-re­sis­tant wal­nut cul­ti­var and does well in most parts of NZ. It was also the heav­i­est and most con­sis­tent crop­per (25kg a year, 11g per shelled nut) in NZ Tree Crop tri­als over sev­eral years.


Height/spread at ma­tu­rity: 12m x 15m

Growth rate: medium Widely planted, some blight re­sis­tance, heavy crop­per of a small tasty nut that stores well, hard to crack which is good if you have rats, doesn’t tol­er­ate wet feet.


Height/spread at ma­tu­rity: 15m x 12m

Growth rate: fast Big tree that is prone to blight and doesn’t tol­er­ate wet soils but is good in frost-prone ar­eas (late to flower) and has good crops of easy-to-open sweet nuts that store well.

Kristina and her favourite nut tree.

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