Let a John Deere Util­ity Trac­tor take care of you

Mow­ing a lawn can be a chore, but the John Deere 1 and 2 Fam­ily Trac­tors have clever tech­nol­ogy to make it as easy and en­joy­able as pos­si­ble.

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One of the most an­noy­ing jobs on a trac­tor is at­tach­ing or de­tach­ing a mower deck. On other brands it can be a 15-minute, fid­dly job, usu­ally in­volv­ing lift­ing, grunt­ing and rais­ing a sweat.

The se­cret to the 1-minute changeover on the 1 and 2 Fam­ily Trac­tors is John Deere’s Au­to­con­nect ™ sys­tem. This unique op­tion means you can switch the mower deck in or out with a few easy ad­just­ments, no sweat.

“If you’re buy­ing a trac­tor, it is re­ally the only op­tion you should ever choose,” says Mark Hamil­ton-manns of John Deere NZ. “If you’re muck­ing around with a man­ual deck you need to be strong: it re­quires quite a bit of lift­ing and mov­ing the PTO (power take-off shaft).

“Our sys­tem makes the process of at­tach­ing and re­mov­ing the mow­ing deck id­iot-proof: you park the ma­chine on a level sur­face, drop the gauge wheels on the ground, lower the deck mech­a­nism, jump off to move one lever and the deck de­taches and you drive back over it. It’s as sim­ple as that. “Con­nect­ing the deck is even sim­pler.” Both the 1 and 2 Fam­ily Trac­tor ranges come with the op­tion of a mid-mounted mower deck.

“They’re com­pact,” says Mark. “These ma­chines will op­er­ate in a tight turn­ing cir­cle and tight con­fines, and you can see what’s hap­pen­ing with the mow­ing deck un­der­neath you.”

The great fin­ish from the side-dis­charge, ro­tary mow­ing decks on these models is due to their very high blade tip speeds.

“The higher the tip speed, the cleaner the cut, pro­vided the blades are sharp,” says Mark. “If a lawn is man­i­cured reg­u­larly in a fast-grow­ing sea­son, it won’t leave rooster tails and sprouts of grass ly­ing around.”

The pressed steel decks are easy to main­tain. They come with an in­te­grated hose plug so it’s easy to wash them off after use.

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