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Now that you’ve com­pleted ev­ery avail­able scrap­yard mod­i­fi­ca­tion for your TE Primera, you now have a car that weighs around 1200kgs, and packs any­where from 120kW–220kW at the wheels depend­ing on how wild you went. You have a car that is very ca­pa­ble at the race track that will out-han­dle and out-brake a lot of other af­ford­able cars on the mar­ket, even some big dollar cars like the Mit­subishi Evos. The Nis­san SR20 en­gine is one hell of an en­gine from the fac­tory, but you do need to keep them main­tained for en­gine longevity, es­pe­cially if tur­bocharged. They have very small oil gal­leries, which, if not prop­erly main­tained with fre­quent oil changes, can block up very eas­ily and starve the head of oil. None of the above en­gine mod­i­fi­ca­tions should be com­pleted if you have an un­healthy en­gine or ve­hi­cle. Make sure to give your en­gine a once over be­fore start­ing, and en­sure you have a solid base to make some good power. An­other thing to note, SR en­gines have quite a small oil ca­pac­ity, so when hit­ting tracks like Hamp­ton Downs Race­way, en­sure you have a baf­fled, or larger ca­pac­ity sump. An­other thing to note when re­tain­ing the air­flow me­ter set-up, is don’t run oiled fil­ters such as the K&N fil­ter. Th­ese will coat the ‘hot wire’ in­side the AFM, which will re­sult in poor fuel ra­tios, loss of power, and a higher fuel con­sump­tion.

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