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If you went the full monty and opted for one of the var­i­ous SR20DET en­gines, you have prob­a­bly re­alised by now that trac­tion is a se­ri­ous prob­lem. If your P10 doesn’t have an LSD gear­box, but in­stead the open diff, this should be your next mod­i­fi­ca­tion to en­sure you don’t wheel spin your way down the road; that, and third gear tends to blow to pieces with a power in­crease. There are a few op­tions depend­ing on your power lev­els; the Nis­san Pul­sar N15 VZ-R gear­box has an LSD, but is a very close-ra­tio unit, per­fect for keep­ing the SR16VE unit on song. This unit is great for your mod­i­fied nat­u­rally as­pi­rated SR20DE/VE, but not ideal for the SR20DET. If you did opt for the turbo en­gine, some P10 and P11 Primeras came with LSD gear­boxes from the fac­tory, so track one down, along with a heavy duty clutch as the stock unit won’t last long at all. Now that your Primera goes fast, you’re go­ing to want to be able to stop at some stage. There are a few af­ford­able up­grades such as the Avenir W10 turbo calipers, as they are twin pot, run a larger disc, and best of all are a di­rect bolt on. By far the best up­grade how­ever, is the Nis­san Sky­line R32 GTS-T, Su­mit­omo, four-pot caliper. The caliper bolts straight up, but you will need to do some other mod­i­fi­ca­tions to get the disc to fit. The disc it­self needs 6mm ma­chined off of the ra­dius, and you will need the top hat redrilled for the Primera’s 4x114.3 stud pat­tern. The next hur­dle is get­ting cus­tom brake lines made; this is fairly af­ford­able and can be done through any brake spe­cial­ist com­pany. Once you have ev­ery­thing bolted up, get some high-qual­ity pads and you’ll out stop most things out there. As far as sus­pen­sion goes with the P10 chas­sis, the best up­grades you can do are fairly straight for­ward. Pur­chase ei­ther a good set of shocks, like Bil­stein, or KYB SR Spe­cials, mated to a good set of low­er­ing springs. If the bud­get per­mits and you have the coin for a cert, opt for a com­plete height and damper ad­justable coilover pack­age. The P10 chas­sis re­sponds ex­tremely well to a larger rear sway bar, so this should also be con­sid­ered. P10 Primeras are get­ting fairly old now, so it’s a good a idea to jump un­der the car and re­place all the bushes that have worn out with No­lathane or a sim­i­lar ure­thane com­pound, which should re­ally stiffen things up and help elim­i­nate some of those pesky squeaks.

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