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Roush-Yates is one of the best-known en­gine builders in the world — small won­der when both the names be­hind the com­pany, Jack Roush and Robert Yates, are amongst Nascar’s big­gest and best. Roush-Yates build the en­gines that power Vaughn Git­tin Jr’s RTR Mus­tangs, and a sim­i­larly pow­er­ful and re­li­able en­gine would fit the bill for the Hoon­i­corn nicely. The 6.7-litre (410 cu­bic inch) V8 is topped with D3 cylin­der heads, and Kinsler eight-stack in­di­vid­ual throt­tle bod­ies, with MoTeC fuel in­jec­tion. What’s the net re­sult of all of that fury? A stag­ger­ing 630kW and 977Nm — we don’t want to know just how many pairs of tyres were con­sumed in the mak­ing of Gymkhana 7.

Ian moved to the US in the early ’90s. He lived in South­ern Cal­i­for­nia for around 16 years, and in that time he raced speed­way side­cars four nights a week, and be­gan a race fab­ri­ca­tion type of busi­ness. That evolved into a slightly big­ger busi­ness build­ing high-end street rods, which is where Ian first met Ja­son.

“The shop was mostly all Ki­wis and Swedes,” Ian said, “so when Ja­son asked if we had any jobs, I pretty much told him ‘Go on then, get to work!’”

Ian shifted through a few busi­nesses, and was even­tu­ally in­tro­duced to drift­ing in 2005 by fel­low Kiwi Rhys Millen. ASD was soon started, to run in For­mula D — one of the world’s big­gest pro­fes­sional drift se­ries — and, with Falken Tire jump­ing on board, it was all go. Over the fol­low­ing years, ASD rose to the top of For­mula D. So how did ASD get in­volved in the Hoon­i­corn build? Vaughn Git­tin Jr. is the ASD race team’s pro­fes­sional drifter, the owner of the Mus­tang RTR brand,

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